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Cat, Books and Curls was created in 2018 by Juliana Sergio, aka Jules S., aka yours truly, a 24 years old lady currently living in São Paulo, Brasil with a lovely lilac Siamese cat named Amelia and too many books for her own good… I am also a huge nerd, a plus size, curvy lady that just learned to love her body and her intensely curly hair (and all the little things we all struggle to love about ourselves), with a big passion for literature, Netflix and ancient mythology.

Here at CBC you’ll find my insights on how to survive the everyday craziness of life, spirituality, dealing with anxiety and some more pressing issues and lots and lots on cats, books and curls! The blog was envisioned as a place where you can find someone that is also going through the same struggles you are – that place you’ll stop, look around and realized no, you are not alone in this!

I’ll be sharing books reviews and reading tips, my favorite TV shows and movies, music, tips on how to be a better cat parent and tons of fun mythological, mystic and weird stuff with you all.

We talk about some pretty deep stuff in here, friends, but all with the intent to create a community, to share the good and the bad and to learn to cope together. My goal with CBC is bringing up some things not everyone wants to talk about, but with a witchy twist and showering you all with positive thinking and love. And some cat cuddles, of course.

You’re most welcome to Cat, Books and Curls, or as I like to call it, my catcave!

Stay weird,

Jules S.

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