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January Gems

January Gems

Since one of mine (and I’m pretty sure everyone’s) goals for 2018 was to be more grateful and focus on the brighter things that happen in life, I’ve decided to start this little session called “Gems.”

At the end of each month I’m going to list a few of the best things that happened in the previous thirty (or 31, or 28) days, share with you a few of my favorite things of the month and also, of course, beg that you share the same with me as well. Gems are going to be divided in five topics and let’s get to January’s so you guys can get the hang of it with me!


  • I quit my job. Yes, I am unemployed now, but for quite a while things had been a little bumpy at work, I haven’t been happy for a while there and since I decided to move back home (as I told you guys here) I thought quitting would be the best for me. There is a chance I’ll be freaking out about it soon, yes, but for now I’m enjoying my freedom and turning off my alarm for the next month!
  • I started the blog and so far some pretty amazing things have happened! I’ve met some great people because of it, I’ve been feeling better about myself for simply following one of my biggest dreams and I’m slowly getting results. My writing has brought back some pretty freaking awesome people into my life and I’m sure this part is going to be a gem every month from now on.
  • I had the greatest farewell party. Actually two. And the ultimate highlight of this month was how my friends have been supportive of my moving and celebrated with me with so much love and energy. Immensely grateful for each of my beloved weirdos <3


  • I had ended 2017 with my thyroid going crazy and now my hormonal levels are back on track and my glicose is low again. I am kicking Hashimoto’s in the ass and also preparing a bigger, deeper post on it (what it is, how it works, what’s it like living with an autoimmune disease etc).
  • I’ve stopped eating wheat and rice for good and I’m proud to say I’ve been wheat/rice free for 32 days now. I am not celiac, by the way! I’m going to explain that on my Hashimoto’s post as well, but the important part here is that I kept consistent for over a month about something that had been bugging me for quite a while. SLAYED THAT WHEAT-FREE LIFE.


  • This came in just today and I’m happy I waited to post this. I got the cutest furry 2018 planner from my friends at work as a farewell present. This is some SERIOUS adulting, people. I’m the adultest of adults right now.
  • I have real sensitive eyes, overly dry and light-sensitive (yes, contrary to popular belief, dark eyed people suffer a lot with excessive light) so I splurged on a decent pair of sunglasses to preserve my money makers. I got this real cute pair of Ray Ban’s and I’m in love, wearing them indoors and everything.
  • I’d been looking for a small backpack that could fit all of the stuff I carry around, wouldn’t weigh a ton and could stand the absurd amount of rain we get either in São Paulo or my hometown. Thank Hades I found one! It looks bigger than it is, it’s not heavy at all and it even allowed me to look cool and add some pins to it.
  • This one is so not the usual item at a monthly haul, but well… I got myself a Accu-check Active blood sugar monitor. If you’re diabetic or had other issues that mess with your blood sugar, this one is affordable, incredibly easy to use even for someone as afraid of needles as I am and it’s good for keeping track of your blood levels without getting too crazy about it.


  • Expect this one to be in every single month list but yes, Wine and Crime Podcast. Just go listen, okay? These three ladies are the smartest, funniest and most amazing podcasters out there and they help me feed my true crime obsession without feeling guilty. I was raised by a cop, in the age of CSI (OG one, fuck you CSI Miami) and these girls just GET ME. Seriously, listen to every single episode and prepare yourself, you’ll get a six-pack from laughing too hard.
  • True Crime continues so I’m sending you all The Beauty and the Geek with stunning Adelaide telling it like it is explaining why we’re all obsessed with true crime stories. She understands, my friends. She just understands.
  • The Everygirl is one of my ultimate favorite websites/blogs and they just slayed again with this post on vulnerability. It reasoned a lot with me and some of the stuff I’ve been going through and since it brightened up my day, I thought I’d share with you, my loves.


  • Justin Timberlake absolutely murdered me with his new song, Say Something. It just brings me to an unspeakable level of peace, God knows why. And this video!!!!!!! Just go watch it, trust me.
  • I still haven’t watched Pitch Perfect 3 but Spotify threw me the soundtrack the other day. Imagine my heart when I heard them singing one of my favorite songs. Their rendition of Freedom is absolutely heartwarming and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past few days.
  • Alice Merton has created the stickiest song ever and it keeps popping on my radar anywhere I am. No Roots is great for dancing in the shower, singing in the car with your mom and listen quietly when you want to write badass scenes.

What were your faves this months, fellow weirdos? Care to share?

Oh, yes, PLEASE always suggest me some new songs. Whenever you can, when you listen to something you love with a passion, just get the link and send it to me, deal? I shall keep coming back with recommendations every month for you.

Stay true, stay grateful.

Stay weird,


Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “January Gems”

  • For sure you’re the adultest adult of them all now, who would even dare dreaming of out-adulting someone with such a respectable planner!


    I’m looking forward for some LITERARY Gems in February, eh? Do you think you can make it happen?

    • Come to think of it, given your blog’s name, I find it would be reasonable to expect you to include not only literary gems, but feline and curly(?) ones as well.

  • As usual love this! Love finding out new things about ya, like our mutual love of true crime! <3 And when you start to freak out about being unemployed, remember it's temporary.

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