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How I’m Tackling 2018

How I’m Tackling 2018

As I was getting ready to write this post something pretty interesting happened.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my baby-sized meltdown and post crying session stories. Mind you, I was having quite the bad day; things hadn’t been so smooth at work in the morning, it rained like a bitch and it nearly flooded my kitchen and even poor Amelia had been puking in the living room when I got home. Needless to say I was in a “prone to severe stressing” mood. And then, I was preparing to start my workout and yoga session, I try to turn my laptop on and it just… It wouldn’t.

Naturally, as an adult what did I do? I took a deep breath, called my mom and started crying in silence. But then, mid-call, it hit me: that’s so 2017. That’s so 2017 Jules. Six months ago something like that would happen and I’d be crying for hours, most definitely starting a panic attack, eating all my anger in Cup Noodles and chocolate and then give up on the blog. I swear, things would most definitely be that drastic. And as I realized that I started thinking: where have those reactions got me? What did I really accomplish in 2017 acting like that, letting anxiety control me yet another year?

I will say this now and unarguably a hundred times in the future: anxiety is not a joke, and by anxiety here I mean anxiety related disorders, not the simple feeling for being anxious about something you can pinpoint. But what I’m talking about here is that surrendering to my anxiety disorders and just “embracing them” (using them as excuses, really) was not doing me any good. At all. So in that moment I remembered my plans for tackling 2018 and conquering it like a warrior and that’s what I’m gonna share with you now.

As most people, I was one of those to write a long resolutions list that started every year with “losing weight” and end the year with a huge sense of failure for not achieving any of them. Who am I kidding? I was a failure by March. So for 2018 I decided to change up my game by dividing my intentions for the years in two sets

Goal setting

I never really had goals on my resolution lists, just things I secretly wished would happen on their own. So now I started with:

  • Main goals – the biggest, most important ones, with a longer timeline (they can be worked on throughout the year, not be done by June). I went with three because I knew the more I added to the list, the more overwhelmed I’d feel;
  • 1 travel goal – a place I wanna visit in 2018;
  • and 1 emotional/social goal – something I simply wanted to change from how it was last year.

Emotional planning

Connecting with myself was something I did my best to improve in 2017 and I’d want to continue this year that comes. So my solution was to access what I did last year that worked, what didn’t go so well, the good memories I’d take from that period of time and the things I wanted to bring me new unforgettable memories in 2018. So I listed:

  • Three things that worked.
  • Three that weren’t so good.
  • My favorite parts of the year.
  • The things I want to make me happy in 2018.

By setting those and writing them down I was able to fully analyze how 2017 was like for me, find patterns in recurring behaviors of mine and also make a new, more solid plan for the new year. They are feasible, possible, and as sad as it can be, none of them included marrying Chris Evans like my resolutions lists up until 2010 did. I mean, could happen, right? I just don’t need it to be on a list, gotta make it a surprise!

What mattered to me in this process was setting intentions, making commitments to myself and my own improvement instead of making impossible and rather lazy promises only to be disappointed by the end of the year. Here’s to hoping I’ll be back here twelve months from now telling you all about how I’m actually ending 2018 with a sense of accomplishment and feeling better about myself!

How about you, my fellow kitten? How is your goal-setting list looking this year? Don’t forget to share it with me, maybe we can trade some items.

Stay weird,


2 thoughts on “How I’m Tackling 2018”

  • Gostaria muito de responder em inglês, mas para algo tão especifico ele não é tão bom, ao contrário do seu que é tão gostozinho de ler ( e como te conheço escuto a sua voz na minha cabeça). Não sabia que você estava passando por tantas coisas nessa vida. Goals para 2018… nessa minha ‘mom life’que levo atualmente tenho como principal goal cuidar mais de mim, as vezes como mãe você acaba se entregando totalmente ao filhos e a ser sempre melhor para eles que se esquecesse de você mesma. Outro grande objetivo esse ano, já em conjunto com o marido, é sermos mais responsáveis financeiramente, porque temos duas grandes responsabilidades e não podemos deixar eles passar necessidade. Não marquej muitos objetivos esse ano porque sei que vai ser um ano difícil e com muitas mudanças, mas esses dois são os que sei que posso cumprir rs.

    💜 ansiosa para o próximo post.

    • Ai Bel, que bom ouvir isso de você! Fico feliz que esteja gostando dos posts! Seus goals tão validérrimos, você sabe que minha mãe sempre foi muito aberta com a gente e sempre conversamos sobre isso, principalmente agora depois de tudo que passamos com a minha avó. Você deixar de cuidar de si completamente é muito fácil quando se tem responsabilidades do tamanho de filhos, né? Mas você super consegue seus goals, Bel, é a maior mãezona e batalhadora! Vai me contando como tão as coisas, no final do ano a gente volta aqui e vê o quanto nossas metas deram certo ^^ Saudades de você e o Dadá, e dos babies! <3

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