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Welcome to CBC!

Welcome to CBC!

Here I am, my friends, in the very first day of 2018, with a Full Moon entering Cancer (which means momma here is feeling POWERFUL) and also on the day of Zeus and Hera, king and queen of hospitality.

What does that mean, Jules?

It means I am about to welcome you into my very own corner in this huge world called “Le Internet”. Sure, maybe Zeus and Hera are not my favorite Greek deities (they definitely aren’t, we’ll talk about that in the future), but the concept of hospitality was engraved in the honor code of ancient Greeks and it is something I intend to embrace warmly here at CBC. So, as the title says, welcome to Cat, Books and Curls!

I’m sure there are many questions going through your mind right now. What does the full moon have to do with anything? Why the f*** is she talking about Olympic gods? Why cat and not cats? Etc, am I right? I promise we’ll get to that. One day. Eventually. Right now let’s start with the basics: WHO THE HELL IS JULIANA SERGIO?

If you’re not one of my close friends (yet) or family members (maybe in another life), none of those I’ve forced to

come here and celebrate my work, here I am on a nice, Instagram-provided elevator mirror selfie. You’re starting to understand now why ‘curls’, right? Okay, this picture is at least eight months old, but I promise the only thing that has changed is my phone. Oh, and those Ray Bans died two weeks ago, they got smashed in my purse. But yes, people, this is me. Twenty four years old, very Brazilian with an Italian twist. Cancer sun, Virgo rising, thank you very much. Plus sized, curvy, pale as a ghost. A girl living with Hashimoto’s and PCOs. Little old, 5’4” me.

This is the person that is promising to come here twice a week to share something about herself that she’s sure you’ll understand. This is me on my favorite outfit, yes, in a good hair day. But also a me that was leaving home with a fuckton of insecurities and that is exactly why I decided to create CBC. Because I’m normal. Because I go through a lot of shit and I know you all do too. And I grew tired of feeling alone in my struggles, as I’m sure you all have as well, so CBC is here simply as a place where we all can look around, listen to each other and realize we are not alone.

This here is also my cat, a two years old lilac Siamese named Amelia. Pretty much the love of my life. Some may know her as Amelia, Pitchu, Mélin. Or also Satan. And now you understand why cat.

I dare say Amelia is a co-writer in this catcave we’re creating and soon you’ll understand why. The important thing for you all to know right now is that Amelia was part of my recovery from depression and a BED (binge eating disorder). Both subjects I am going to approach here as much as needed for you all to feel supported and loved, and for people to start talking about it with more conscience instead of prejudice and walking on eggshells. So yes, CBC is algo going to tackle some hardships I’ve been through, some I’m still going to go through and some I’ll ignore and move on easily from.

Will I only be talking really difficult and emotional stuff? No, I’m also going to share all the things I love in life, the moments of self discovery and the revolution on self-esteem I plan to make in 2018. And I’m going to do it with a witchy twist. You didn’t think a cat lady like me would go through this without letting her true nature show, did you?

We’re going to talk about spirituality here and how it has helped me grow internally (and how present it has been in my pagan life since I was a kid), talk tarot and crystals and every mystic thing my beloved mother introduced into my life when I was but a curly haired baby. I’m going to share with you guys my spiritual journey, my emotional and personal healing process and we’re gonna cast some spells together, you know? Sage some rooms, get rid of bad juju and get more and more powerful everyday.

We’ll talk books, books and some books. And then some more. And how reading and writing saved me from the worst, darkest moments in my life. We’ll definitely talk mythology, that was pretty out there already. We’ll talk learning, and all that brain food that is out there, everywhere you go.

We’ll talk self-awareness, self-love, self-care and self-discovery. And how it is okay to have all these words that start with “self” in your vocabulary without having to fall into the worst of them, selfishness. We’ll talk health, about how is it living with Hashimoto’s disease, and PCOs, share experiences and learn from each other, deal? We’ll remind each other to take our meds, set up alarms every day to boost our own and our friends’ confidence.

And last, but most definitely not least, we’ll talk love. Not a hundred “how to” posts on dates and romantic love life. But simply love. Our relationships with ourselves, our friends, family, pets, with nature! Love as the essence of life, as something that is in everyone, everything, everywhere.

CBC is mine to myself, yes. But it is mine to you above all else. This is me reaching out to every single one of you that feels alone in your own struggles because I felt alone too and the Gods know how ill that made me.

You are not alone, babe. And you are so fucking awesome you have no idea!

Again, welcome to my virtual lair, my catcave. I receive you all here with open arms and I’m known to be a great hugger.

Stay true, stay awesome.

Stay weird.

With love,


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